Quality Control

Quality control:

Quality control in garment industry is a very complex factor. Our veteran production managers can feel the errors that are happening or the ones that may happen. Quality control cannot be trained. It can only be felt. Hence Green Accessories BD Ltd. picks up its quality control staff from various production lines based on long years of experience.

For 8 years, Green Accessories BD Ltd. has shipped many profitable orders. Hence we are much relied for total quality control & assurance service and inspection service. Our Success formula of employing highly paid experienced men and women is benefiting our buyers with successful sales.

Quality Process:

Our Quality Process has following step procedures. Quality Chart design, Pre production inspection, Accessories production, post production inspection.

Quality Chart:

Once an order is confirmed, Merchandiser prepares a quality chart that defines the type of approvals needed for every accessories and fabrics based on problems that may occur. The chart should be verified by both quality & production staff of Green accessories.

Pre-production inspection to finishing:

Garment accessories Quality control and proper purchase is a much neglected area by many garment exporters & buying offices leading to inferior products or delayed shipments. Green Associates know this well and prepares separate chart and follows strict methods of quality control on the color, shape, material and quality of accessories like Tags, Labels, Patches, Packaging, embellishment etc. Separate staffs follow up the purchase and delivery of accessories at right time for uninterrupted shipment. Oeko-Tex certificate for product safety are ensured with most suppliers.